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Applying for the First Home Scheme (Shared Equity)?

First Home Scheme or Shared Equity Scheme is now live. How to apply for an Eligibility certificate for the First Home Scheme- Get mortgage approval in place with participating lenders (currently Haven/AIB, PTSB, BOI) – let help you with this process ->Lets Begin Go

First Home (Shared Equity) Scheme  – what we know?

First Home Scheme The scheme is designed to support home ownership by bridging the gap between what an eligible first time buyer can secure as mortgage approval under Central Bank loan to income rules plus their deposit versus the purchase price of the new build

Save €20,000 over 7 years

90,000 could be in line for lower mortgage rate following surge in house prices Article: managing director Martina Hennessy. Photo: Conor McCabe Photography   Surging house prices over the last two years mean that thousands of homeowners are unexpectedly eligible for lower mortgage

10 ways to save money

Spend less and better: 10 ways to save money in January Article: Pricewatch: There’s quite a stretch until the next pay day, so here’s a few cost-cutting tips. Assuming you were last paid a couple of days before Christmas and won’t get paid again


You could save €5k by doing two simple things – and Irish working from home could pocket even more Article: IRISH households could save up to €5,000 by doing two simple things, a mortgage switching expert as revealed. Doddl Managing Director, Martina Hennessy has

Tax cuts and SSIA-style pensions

What financial advisers want for Christmas Article: Hopes for the new year include financial literacy in schools and return of rent credit. Martina Hennessy: ‘My wish is that 2022 would be the year that the Irish mortgage holder chooses their own financial wellbeing over