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Purchasing a new build – where to start

May 05, 2023

There are many advantages to purchasing a new build home. Our Home Buyer Helper team have put together this quick guide on what you’re getting, and what to look out for.

New build home advantages

  • It’s new and in walk-in condition… no repairs or elbow grease required
  • New builds have a high energy rating A, meaning your home is way more energy efficient. Good for your pocket, and the planet
  • No bidding wars – the price is set out at the time of launch
  • Help to buy and first home schemes are available to first-time-buyers of new homes
  • New builds generally have other facilities included in the development e.g. playgrounds and childcare

New build home disadvantages

  • New builds can be expensive relative to second-hand properties
  • There can be a lead in time to completion if you buy ‘off the plans’
  • New homes tend to have less outside space
  • There is not enough supply!

Simple things to consider when buying a new build home

  • Do your online research to establish what developments are in the planning process, or due to launch
  • Try and find out if plans are available pre-launch
  • If you can, study the plans to identify your preference for a particular unit within the development

Buying a new home off the plans

If you’re buying a new build home ‘off the plans’, it’s important to understand the following:

  • The aspect of the property – e.g. south facing or west facing rear garden, depending on if you want sun during the day or evening
  • Parking – do you have a designated space?
  • Does a management fee apply to apartments, duplexes, or for gated estate communal areas?

Dont go it alone!

All doddl approved mortgage clients have access to our exclusive Home Buyer Helper service – our in-house property advisors and Chartered Surveyor, who can answer any questions you have about your search, or any properties on your shortlist.

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