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Self build mortgages in Ireland

June 28, 2023

Some key considerations when building a home in Ireland

Self Build Mortgage Ireland

Minimum costing for self build:

Not all banks lend to build a home.

Those who do have minimum cost per sq metre that have recently increased –

  • Permanent TSB €1,600 per sqm
  • Bank of Ireland €1,900 per sqm
  • Haven Mortgages (AIB Group) –
    • Dublin €1,292 per sqm
    • Other cities and satellites of Dublin €1,023 per sqm
    • All other areas €915 per sqm

For Haven calcs excl garage if applicable before calc cost per sq mtr

(figures as at 28/06/23 and subject to change)

Applications will not be considered where the costings are below these guideline price per lender.

Mortgage interest rates for self build:

  • Lower rates for positive Building Energy Rating
  • Green rates are available from all lenders offering self build mortgages and are generally quite competitive

Supports for self build:

  • Help to buy scheme is available for self builds – apply early on My Account at

If you own site be mindful of 70% loan to value requirement for eligibility to HTB.

Self build mortgage documentation:

  • Documents required for self build are more extensive – costings, planning permission, stage payment certs.

Ensure you understand document requirements and also process for funding which will happen by way of stage payment.

Be sure to speak to one of our advisors to plan for your self build mortgage, to understand lending requirements and documentation required. The process is more detailed and release of funds is by way of stage payment. Our team can help!

Some considerations when looking at self build costings:

Don’t forget to budget for additional costs including – planning permission fees, engineer fees, stage payments, solicitor fees, council development charges, utility connection charges, and more, which can amount to around €20,000.

The three main factors that influence house build costs are design complexity, site topography/ground conditions, and specification.

The simpler the design, the cheaper it is to build, as complex features require additional materials and labour.

Site topography, such as sloping or level ground, affects excavation costs, foundation requirements, and drainage. Poor ground conditions may require specialized foundation solutions.

It is so important to set a realistic budget and include a contingency cost changes and extras during construction can increase costs, emphasizing the importance of finalising construction drawings and specifications before starting the build.

Setting a realistic budget and aligning expectations with the budget is crucial to avoid overspending. Adjustments can be made to the design and specification to stay within budget during the pre-planning stage.

If you progress the build and get to a point where you have not allowed for enough contingency or are running out of funds then it may not be possible to increase your mortgage level if you have been approved at max level so being realistic on budget and including a contingency is essential.


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