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All you need to know about life cover and protection policies

When it comes to life cover, the myriad of advertisements touting lowest cost life cover premiums and multi different types of cover can be overwhelming. While protection is often viewed as a necessary evil, the real question is: what factors should you consider when...

How to make a successful Mortgage Application

doddl in the News - Our latest mortgage expert contribution published in The Times this weekend covers how to make a successful mortgage application. Here are some of our thoughts at doddl on how to make a successful mortgage application - What are the tips for...

Considerations for a first time buyer purchasing a home with a second time buyer

We worked with Sinead Ryan of the Irish Independent to answer one of her readers questions – See full article here - Read here The question raised was: I bought my first apartment when I was 25 with help from my parents. I am now 34 and am buying with my partner (we...

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