Property conveyancing

Beam it better

At doddl we have your mortgage covered and to help with your home purchase we have partnered with Beam for legal services.

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What is property conveyancing?

Conveyancing is the “legal” transfer of a property from one owner to another. The conveyancing process is complete once signed contracts are exchanged between the home buyer, and the seller. Working with a solicitor qualified to help you in your home purchase or mortgage switch is essential.

Digital-first, online conveyancing

Conveyancing with Beam means keeping things simple.

Simple forms, all online to keep things hassle-free, plus an expert solicitor on the end of a phone if and when you need one.  

 Simple online case progression updates means you can track your progress and see what’s happening at any time, from start to finish.  

Straightforward and transparent pricing

Beam offer a pricing structure that is also straightforward and transparent to make life easier, and help you keep track of costs.

All to simply get you where you want to be – whether that’s striding across your first ‘welcome’ mat, or switching over to more competitive rates.