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Who are the types of customers who switch their mortgage?

July 07, 2019

So, here’s how it goes. You’ve spent what feels like half your life dreaming about owning your first home. You have poured your hopes and dreams into every part of the process, and by the time you have turned the key, you have made considerable sacrifices to make your dreams come true.

You might have worked overtime, not upgraded your car when you needed to, or stayed at home instead of taking that holiday. And on top of it all, the whole process has broken you down emotionally (and your patience is probably pretty shot too). So, it’s little wonder why you might be excused for not taking the time to review your mortgage terms. But what if I told you that on average, customers who fail to review their mortgages and sign up for “the lower rates are missing out on average savings of €18,00 a year. For a family with a larger mortgage of €300,000, annual savings of €4,200 can be made.”

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I’m pretty sure you would spend the rest of the afternoon deciding whether you are going to take that trip to New York, change the car or head straight to Brown Thomas for the bag that you’ve had your eye on but couldn’t justify the spend.

“Where do I sign up?” I hear you say, and “What is the catch?” The honest answer is, there isn’t one (the catch I mean, you can sign up here!). I say this because, trust me I know, it can just be a little overwhelming.

Who can switchmortgage?

There are four main types of customers:

  1. Someone coming out of a fixed rate term, has been notified by existing provider and want to shop the market to find a suitable product specific to their needs
  2. Someone who needs a top up to their existing mortgage – maybe because they want to carry out renovations to their existing property
  3. Debt consolidation – may have an additional debt stand alone to their mortgage e.g. home improvement loan
  4. Someone who has never reviewed their rate since drawing down their mortgage

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