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Taking the stress out of switching, get peace of mind with expert guidance

July 07, 2019

Do you remember when you used to have to take time off work to go into your local bank, and queue for what felt like forever? Finally you would get to speak to someone who spoke alien at you for half an hour and then gave you a list of things to get and bring back to them. You would then have to make another appointment to be told you were missing something and it went back and forth until ‘something else’ was finally signed off. You got there but at that stage you were so worn down and confused by the whole process that you felt like you’d added a few years to your life.

You may be down a few days off work and yourself and your better half are lucky to be still married to each other, never mind to be still moving into the dream house that caused all the emotional and financial stress in the first place – and then you breathe and life carries on.

Then the mortgage statement comes in the post that states how much you’ve paid that year. And then another letter comes from the bank to say that you could save by switching to a fixed rate which is lower. And next your best friend Finola said she got the same letter and something about them getting a cashback offer, but your head feels like it’s going to explode and you have the fear of God in you thinking back to the very start. The start being where you had to take time off work to join the queue, the piles of proof you needed and all the trees that were killed with the amount of paper that was wasted.

You pull open the random stuff drawer in the kitchen (which everyone has) and put the letter in, slamming it closed as fast as you can, thinking to yourself that you’ll look at it when you’ve time. But really, isn’t it fine anyways because you still have the house and the sofa isn’t that bad and you’ll surely get another Christmas out of it if you disguise it with a few throws!?
Sound familiar? Are you as panicked after reading this as I am after writing it?

I hope not, but there is no denying that buying your first home is one of the most stressful, emotional and overwhelming times of your life (children aside!).

But what if I told you that this is just the old way of doing things? What if I told you that you would never have to take time off work to make an appointment again, that you could upload all of your documents to your own personal secure online space in your own time and that you had someone there at every step of the way who had your best interest at heart. And that you will most likely not have to disguise hideous furniture with blankets and throws because you will probably save a lot of money at the same time.

You’d probably tell me I’m dreaming, and that it sounds like a lottery ad – and you’d mull over the potential catches, But believe me it is not, every word I’ve just written is true and it could be you! (pardon the pun)

doddl is an online mortgage platform for mortgage switchers which allows you to communicate with a highly skilled, dedicated advisor every step of the way. So just like how you can apply online and complete your day to day banking needs through your internet banking, you are now able to complete your mortgage switching process through your customer profile on our website. And given that “58 per cent of Irish citizens were using online banking last year”, you’re not the only one in Ireland who loves the freedom, ease, privacy and security that our platform gives to you. We allow you to upload all documents onto a secure customer portal in your own time, giving you back control and your vacation days.

We provide free, impartial advice so you know that there is no bias from our side towards the product or lender that you use – it is completely dependent on your own personal situation, and you make the final informed decision with a clear understanding of all of your options.

Our role is to give you a safe passage, guiding you through the huge array of options that are out there, and helping you to arrive at a product which best serves your needs and goals.

Check out our mortgage savings calculator or contact us for more information.

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