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How we are using smart technology to support our customers

July 07, 2019

You, our customers, are the reason we exist – and this is how it all started…

In the beginning, as financial experts, we have been providing the best advice available on the market for over 15 years and we have seen first hand how the market has evolved throughout those years. Traditionally, customers who were looking to switch their mortgage would have had to take time off work, possibly multiple times to meet their mortgage broker costing them a considerable amount of time and money. And that’s if they were one of the lucky ones that had a mortgage broker that they could trust to support them through one of the biggest purchases of their lives (and everyone remembers their initial experience of getting a mortgage in the first place).

But we knew that not only were our customer needs evolving, so is the market, and we knew how to make better use of the explosion in the growth of clever technology.

Our first step in embracing technology was to listen and understand feedback from our customers. We knew we needed to offer a service that responded to their lifestyle by facilitating meetings by phone, conference calls and skype when needed. We also enabled customers to send in documents through secure channels where possible. But we knew we could do much more.

So, we looked outside the box and into the future. We asked our existing customers what their wish list would be for the most efficient mortgage experience, we looked further afield to what our counterparts were doing overseas, we picked the brains of the greatest minds in the industry (and a few others if we’re honest!), and doddl as you see it today was born.

Our mission is to provide a platform for you that uses the most advanced technology to allow an end to end process with regard to document capture and completion of your mortgage switch.

Your journey will begin with our customer friendly comparison tool, cumulating with one of our highly skilled advisors providing you with detailed, unbiased advice based on your own unique situation. It’s that straightforward.

Your own personal customer portal will allow you to securely upload your documents to your individual account so you can clearly see how your application is progressing. We believe that technology, no matter how clever or fast it is does not take away from the human advice you will need in order to assess the best mortgage option for your personal circumstances – and this is where our expert advisors come in.

We will be there, every step of the way, to provide you with any advice that you might need and we will not charge you any fees for our service.

Our promise to you is that we will continue to push the boundaries with regard to what we can deliver via technology to improve the service we offer you, and we will continue to make mortgage switching easy. We are constantly taking steps towards process improvement, and we will continue to deliver a platform that serves our customers in the best possible way.

The best technology and the best advice working together makes switching your mortgage and saving money a doddl.

Get in touch with the doddl team today & help us to help you!

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