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Mortgage Switching – What’s involved and who can save big?

How will I know if it makes sense to switch mortgage? The first step in deciding whether you need to switch mortgage is to understand if there is a financial benefit in doing so. You will only ever switch if it makes financial sense to do so – take 15 minutes to...

Self Employed Mortgage Applicants – here’s what you need to know

What income will be taken into account? As with all mortgage applications when it comes to income a banks primary concern is the sustainability of the income that they are relying on for mortgage purposes. For employed individuals who are in permanent employment a...

Mortgage News – What’s New?

Mortgage News - What's New? Mortgage Interest Rates In the last six weeks we have seen rate changes from six lenders with rates now starting from a competitive 3.45%. The gap between rates is a record high with lowest rate starting at 3.45% and going right up to...

Green Home Improvements – The Home Energy Upgrade Loan Scheme versus Mortgage Top Up

How to finance Green home improvements? SEAI grants and increasing energy costs have been the prompts for many to action home improvements projects to make their homes warmer and more energy efficient. Latest figures show that the number of Green personal loans...

Mortgage Switching – Recent rate decreases mean record savings for smart switchers

Mortgage Interest rates - what's new? The highest rate in the Irish market is now double the lowest with rates ranging from 3.45% to over 7% resulting in huge savings for smart mortgage holders who switch. The Q1 Irish Independent mortgage switching Index has...

Mortgage Interest rates – what’s new and will rates continue to fall

Interest rates - what's new? Disinflation in the Euro area has led to optimism that mortgage interest rates may start to decrease and we are now starting to see this trickle through. In the last month the big banks have gone to war on their Green mortgage offering....
Costs to take out a mortgage

Costs to take out a mortgage

Martina Hennessy, MD of discusses deposit requirements for first and second time buyers plus other transaction costs to consider in order to complete out on the purchase.

doddl mortgages featured on RTÉ

doddl mortgages featured on RTÉ

Irish mortgage interest rates are the highest in the Euro Zone. This is why if you are taking out a new mortgage or looking to switch your mortgage you need to research the market and speak to the experts.

Save €5000 in 2021

Save €5000 in 2021

The New Year brings many resolutions one of which for many households is cutting back on household outgoings. Spend your time saving money and look at big ticket items which can substantially affect your household finances.

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