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Hassle of switching your mortgage can pay off

February 27, 2021

Mortgage Switching can save mortgage holders tens of thousands in interest.

Do you know your mortgage interest rate?

This is key to understanding if you can save by switching to a better rate. Mortgage statements are being issued, check your statement then see if you can save by using our mortgage switching calculator on

For Ulster Bank customers who may be assessing options, important to not panic you have time to explore the best options for you – go Broker to get market based advice

  1. Our doddl mortgage switching calculator immediately shows if you can save by switching
  2. Market based advice offering full range of mortgage products from 8 lenders
  3. Free service and secure customer platform allowing you to upload documents and complete your application digitally all with the support of a dedicated qualified financial advisor
  4. Access to lowest market rates
  5. Switcher packages available, up to 2% of your mortgage back in cash

Take control of your mortgage and pay less.

With mortgage-holders reeling from Ulster Bank’s shocking (but not surprising) decision to withdraw from the Irish market, it is those borrowers who could benefit from the unwelcome catalyst. Mortgage switching is rare. Even though it can bring huge financial benefits, the perceived hassle and cost puts many off. That means we’re stuck with legacy loans, often paying more than we should, because it’s easier than going elsewhere. […]

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