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Green and EcoSaver Mortgage Rates

Two rate changes in one week on Green & EcoSaver Mortgage Rates so here's what's new - What are Green Mortgage Rates? Green mortgage rates are available from AIB Group - Haven Mortgages, EBS and AIB and also from Permanent TSB. The lowest Green rate on the market...

What is the Help to Buy Scheme? A Step by Step guide on how to apply for it

What is the Help to Buy Scheme – The Help to Buy (HTB) is available to first time buyers purchasing new home who have paid tax in Ireland over the last four years. It is a rebate of the tax you have paid over the last four years. You can be eligible for up to 10% of...

Will mortgage interest rates in Ireland fall in 2024?

Interest rates are constantly in flux, making the prediction for their future direction a challenging task. While there is sense of optimism that rates may start to fall the big question is when and by how much. For those in the process of applying for a mortgage, the...
Costs to take out a mortgage

Costs to take out a mortgage

Martina Hennessy, MD of discusses deposit requirements for first and second time buyers plus other transaction costs to consider in order to complete out on the purchase.

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