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Here are a few of the questions we get the most. If you don’t see what’s on your mind, please reach out and we’ll do all we can to answer your question/s as quickly as possible.


A mortgage is a loan given by the bank to a customer or joint customers to buy a property. The loan is secured on the value of the property. So, it’s important that monthly repayments are met to avoid the bank asking for the properly to be sold to repay the loan.

A mortgage broker is a person or company who arranges your mortgage with the lender. doddl is a mortgage broker who works with all 8 major Irish lenders. 

There is a wide range of mortgages available and differences between all lenders in regard to lending criteria. Don’t worry we know what each lender is looking for and will make sure we find the best match for you.

Irish residents qualify for a loan to value of up to 90% for Irish properties for first-time buyers and 80% for second-time buyers under Central Bank rules.
It is possible for second-time buyers to avail of 90% loan to value if the lender grants an exception. The key is that you can comfortably afford the repayments.

We’ll act as your mortgage partner and be there to guide you and give you free professional help every step of the way. We’ll advise you on how to get your finances in fighting fit shape to submit the strongest possible application. We’ll find the best mortgage for your circumstances and take the hassle out of the whole process. 

Our service is totally free for you. Our fee is paid by the lender you choose to take your mortgage with. We receive the same fee regardless of the lender you choose and you’ll get access to the same great rates as if you went directly to each lender. So, you can relax knowing that we have your interests, not just your interest rates at heart. 

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By switching your mortgage and reducing your interest rate, you can reduce your monthly payments or your mortgage term. This can result in savings of tens of thousands over the life of your mortgage. For most households, their mortgage is their largest financial commitment, so it is hugely important to understand what mortgage rate you are repaying and to see if you can reduce this outgoing. At doddl this is what we are here to help with. As your circumstances change, so can your mortgage and we’re here to do that work for you. 

It’s easy! Check out our simple switching calculator. That will show you how much you’re missing out on. From there, answer a few straight-forward questions on our doodle customer portal and one of our friendly advisors will look through your information and give you a call to say hi and go from there. 

It all depends on your circumstances, but our Switching Calculator will give you a really good idea. It’s free and easy to check and literally takes about 30 seconds to fill in. Then it’s important to start the process by registering on our ‘Let’s Begin’ section so that one of our advisors can provide you with more information and next steps to realise your interest savings. 

At doddl we do not charge any fee for our service.

There will be a legal fee and a valuation fee.

Most lenders have ‘Switcher Packages’ which covers the legal and valuation fees. The lowest Switching Package is €1,500 plus free valuation. On average legal fees cost around €1,400 and the average valuation fee is €160.

Switcher Packages range from value €1,650 to up to 3% of your mortgage back in cash.

Our expert advisors will outline the saving options by lender and will also set out the switcher packages on offer from each lender.

When you see how much you can save each month, the decision to switch is a doddl. 

On average the process takes about 6 weeks but most of this work is behind the scenes and we’ll take care of that. Keeping you up to date along the way. 

No doddl is not a bank or money lender. doddl works on your behalf to get the best rates from all major Irish lenders. 

To start with, all we need is a few straightforward pieces of information that can be filled in on our secure customer portal. This will help us to get a better understanding of your circumstances, so we can see if you’re ‘mortgage fit’.

Only when we begin to prepare your submission to the lender will we’ll ask for your documents to verify your information. Don’t worry, we’ll guide you through this step by step. We’ll always be transparent about what we need and why. 


doddl is a free and impartial online mortgage switching company, regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland. We’re a team of professionally qualified mortgage experts acting as intermediaries between our customers and the lenders. We love all things mortgages, have all the insights and know how to get the best rates. 

We work with 8 major Irish lenders. Bank of Ireland, KBC, Ulster, Avant Money, AIB (through Haven their broker channel), Permanent TSB, Finance Ireland and ICS. So, there’s no need for you to apply to each lender separately.

We will apply to lenders on your behalf. When you come to doddl you have access to all major lenders, cashback offers, lowest market rates. Our role is to find the mortgage product that best suits your needs.

Our service is free to you, our customer, we get paid by the lender that you choose to take your mortgage with. We get paid the same fee regardless of the lender or product you select, which ensures there’s no lender or product bias. Also, you’ll get the same rates via doddl, as you would by going to the lender directly. See our commission section for more details and you will be sent a copy of our Terms of Business on engagement. You will never be charged anything by doddl. 

No, we are not a lender. We are a distribution channel for lenders. We work on your behalf to secure a mortgage to allow you to purchase a property or to switch your mortgage with the most suitable mortgage lender of your choice. 

This is explained in our Privacy Policy.

We only use the data for the purpose that it was collected for and carefully protect your data from loss, misuse, unauthorised access or disclosure, alteration or destruction.

The Process

It’s easy to get started. Firstly, go to our homepage and select ‘Purchaser’ or ‘Switcher’ to find information relevant for your current situation. Our expertise is to secure the best mortgage to suits your needs, whether your looking to purchase a home or to switch your existing mortgage. 

Click ‘Let’s Begin’ on our homepage and you’ll be asked some simple questions about your current circumstances. Our mortgage experts will use your information to find the best options and give you a quick call to discuss. 

If you’re looking to switch your mortgage to make monthly savings, the first step is to use our mortgage ‘Switching Calculator’ this will let you know if switching is an option and how much you could save. From there, click on Let’s Begin’ where you’ll be asked some simple questions about your current circumstances. Our mortgage experts will use your information to find the best options and you a quick call to discuss.

We’ll let you know which documents we’ll need. We’ll also send you a link to our secure customer portal. This allows you to upload documents and complete your mortgage application easily online. You’ll always have access to your account and will have visibility of your application at every stage. Your dedicated advisor will guide you through as your application progresses and be there to answer any questions you have.

We’ll not only act as your mortgage partner but we’ll be there to provide friendly, impartial advice to ensure you glide through the process. We’re here to answer any queries you have and will review rates at regular intervals to ensure you never pay more than you need to. We understand that most people have never done this before, but we’ll be there for you, every step of the way, acting in your best interests at all times. 

Switching mortgage is a doddl and free

We’re always open for a chat.  



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