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Let’s talk numbers. Simply add your details to see how much you could save each month. 

Prefer to chat with a human expert? 

Let’s talk numbers. Simply add your details to see how much you could save each month. 

Why switch?

Did you know that by moving to another lender or product, you can easily reduce your monthly payments? We’ll find a better rate and make your mortgage work for you.
Relax, we’ll handle everything. 

Switching simplified 

How switching works

Smart switching is what we love to do, and we’ll make it easy for you. 

Start by checking your possible savings with our intuitive switching calculator, or click ‘Let’s Begin‘ to jump straight in.

Takes roughly 2 mins to get underway. 

From there our experts will guide you through the simple steps, sourcing the best mortgage options available.

We’ll do all the donkey work, at no cost to you. 

Once complete you’ll enjoy 100% of the savings, giving you more to spend on what you love.

Savings in your pocket, not ours or the bank’s. 

Working with all major Irish lenders 

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By switching your mortgage and reducing your interest rate, you can reduce your monthly payments or your mortgage term. This can result in savings of tens of thousands over the life of your mortgage. For most households, their mortgage is their largest financial commitment, so it is hugely important to understand what mortgage rate you are repaying and to see if you can reduce this outgoing. At doddl this is what we are here to help with. As your circumstances change, so can your mortgage and we’re here to do that work for you.

It’s easy! Check out our simple Switching Calculator. That will show you how much you’re missing out on. From there, answer a few straight-forward questions on our doodle customer portal and one of our friendly advisors will look through your information and give you a call to say hi and go from there.

It all depends on your circumstances, but our Switching Calculator will give you a really good idea. It’s free and easy to check and literally takes about 30 seconds to fill in. Then it’s important to start the process by registering on our ‘Let’s Begin’ section so that one of our advisors can provide you with more information and next steps to realise your interest savings.

At doddl we do not charge any fee for our service.
There will be a legal fee and a valuation fee.
Most lenders have ‘Switcher Packages’ which covers the legal and valuation fees. The lowest Switching Package is €1,500 plus free valuation. On average legal fees cost around €1,400 and the average valuation fee is €160.
Switcher Packages range from value €1,650 to up to 3% of your mortgage back in cash.
Our expert advisors will outline the saving options by the lender and will also set out the switcher packages on offer from each lender.
When you see how much you can save each month, the decision to switch is a doddl. 

On average the process takes about 6 weeks but most of this work is behind the scenes and we’ll take care of that. Keeping you up to date along the way.

Switching mortgage is a doddl and free

We’re always open for a chat.  



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