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Busy week for mortgage switching at doddl

Busy week at doddl mortgages as the announcement of Ulster Bank exit from the Irish market has been the trigger for mortgage holders to start to assess their mortgage switching options. Note* Everyone (not just Ulster Bank customers) should be looking at their rate and term

Hassle of switching your mortgage can pay off

Mortgage Switching can save mortgage holders tens of thousands in interest. Do you know your mortgage interest rate? This is key to understanding if you can save by switching to a better rate. Mortgage statements are being issued, check your statement then see if you

Ulster Bank Confirms Exit From Irish Market

Read the full article here: After 160 years servicing Irish customers Ulster Bank have today announced that they are exiting the Irish market. This is not great news for the consumer as Ulster Bank were a key player in the Irish market but also

doddl mortgages featured on RTE

How to wipe 10 years off your mortgage with one simple change Read the full article here: Getting a mortgage can be a long and drawn-out process for most people, and one that many people only expect to do once in their lifetime. Perhaps

Q4 2020 Irish Independent doddl mortgage switch index

Home-owners missing out on 4,000 euro a year in savings by not switching lender.  Martina Hennessy of doddl mortgages urging everyone to capitalise on potential savings by reviewing your mortgage statement that is currently being issued by your bank. When you receive your mortgage statement check your interest

Considering applying for a mortgage?

While lockdown has put many things on hold until the 5 of March, your home-buying journey does not have to be one of them! Martina Hennessy, MD of doddl mortgages discusses timelines for preparing your mortgage application & approval. Now is as good a time

mortgage repayments and associated insurances

Thinking of buying? Have you ever asked yourself "aside from mortgage repayments what other monthly costs will I incur?" Did you know when taking out your mortgage you will need to have home insurance & life cover or mortgage protection in place. In this video

Costs to take out a mortgage

Martina Hennessy, MD of discusses deposit requirements for first and second time buyers plus other transaction costs to consider in order to complete out on the purchase: Deposit Requirements First Time Buyers Deposit amount is 10% of the purchase price Second Time Buyers  Deposit

Does cashback cost more…

Martina Hennessy, MD of discusses cashback offers. Some lenders offer 2% of your mortgage back in cash when you draw down. For example, if you borrow €300,000 you would get €6,000 from your mortgage lender lodged to your current account within 30 days of

Core by LEVERIS interview series featuring doddl mortgages

Martina Hennessy, Managing Director of mortgage platform is in conversation with Joe O'Connor of LEVERIS discussing the latest mortgage industry trends and her predictions for 2021. The mortgage application process can be a real drag for borrowers but some companies are looking to shake