20 Jun, 2019

What documentation will be required to make a Remortgage application to switch your mortgage?

All applications will require the following plus the items in either b) or c) depending on your employment type: Application Forms, ID – Passport or Drivers Licence, Address Verification, Current account statements – 3 to 6 months statements (depending on Lender) for current account receiving salary plus other ancillary accounts budgeting or joint. Credit Card – 3 months statements, Savings – 3 to 6 months statements (depending on Lender) for all savings, deposit and investment accounts (inl. Shares etc.).
b) If you are in PAYE employment you will need to provide the following: 3 months of payslips (3x monthly; 6 x fortnightly, 12x weekly), P60 for previous year, Salary cert – signed and stamped by employer
c) What documentation will be required if I am Self-Employed? Form 11s tax returns – 2 to 3 years returns (depending on Lender), Chapter 4 tax receipts – 2 to 3 years returns (depending on Lender)
Signed Company accounts – 2 to 3 years (depending on Lender) of company accounts signed by directors or auditors as appropriate. Management accounts – may be required for current year. Business Current Account statements.P60 – required as appropriate depending on method of pay.
d) These are not exhaustive lists and Lenders may ask for bespoke information depending on the applicants circumstances e.g.: Contract of employment, Evidence of Transactions / receipts etc.
One of our financial consultants would be delighted to run through requirements above to ensure you are aware of requirements.

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