20 Jun, 2019

Can I switch my mortgage?

As amazing as they are, even our calculators cannot give you a final decision on your eligibility for a loan – but fear not, that’s where our trusty experts come in. We will guide you all the way from sign-up to completion – and all for free.

As a basis, here are some points to note if you wish to secure a mortgage.

  • Bear in mind that you will need to demonstrate a solid and consistent income, and you will need to show evidence that you can meet the proposed mortgage repayment.
  • Your credit history is also a very important.
  • Finally, lenders will want details regarding any debt commitments you might have such as personal loans etc. It can be daunting trying to get your head the jargon, so get in touch with us here at doddl. We deal with the lenders on your behalf and we are there with you each step of the way to guide you through the process- at no cost to you!

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