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Summary of remuneration details we receive from Providers on your business

ProviderType of businessPersonalAmount in Year 1On RenewalTrailFund basedClawback
Aviva LifeProtectionYes22-150%3%-20%up to 2 years
New IrelandProtectionYes100-110.5%3%-10.2%up to 3 years
Ulster BankMortgagesYes1%000up to 3 years
Bank of IrelandMortgagesYes1%000up to 3 years
KBC Bank PTSBMortgagesYes1%000up to 3 years
Finance IrelandMortgagesYes1%000up to 3 years
ICSMortgagesYes1%000up to 3 years
Haven MortgagesMortgagesYes1%000up to 3 years
Avant MoneyMortgagesYes1%000up to 3 years

We do not charge our customers a fee for our service. It’s 100% free for you. We get paid by the mortgage lender you choose to take your mortgage with.

The amount we receive is the same regardless of mortgage lender, so you can be sure we’ll find the best option for you and there’s no product or producer bias.