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Author: doddl

It’s a doddl – How to reduce your mortgage term by 10 years

Switching your mortgage could allow you to finish your mortgage 10 years earlier and save tens of thousands on interest repayments. Mortgage Switching is associated with reducing interest rates and as a result reducing mortgage repayments. However, a huge benefit of switching your mortgage can

Misconceptions about mortgage switching

Misconceptions about mortgage switching The Central Bank of Ireland carried out Mortgage Switching Research and published a report in 2017 which highlighted findings with regard to people’s perception of and experience with regard to mortgage switching. These misconceptions are common ground for customers that I

People are switching mortgage, why aren’t you?

More people are switching their mortgage in Ireland, this is evidenced in the number and value of transactions 2017 to 2018 which resulted in year on year growth of 75%. Why are more people switching? In general people switch their mortgage to avail of better