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Author: doddl

How being kind to the planet can save you money

Article:   "...if choosing greener options means you can also avail of a cheaper rate, it’s a win for your pocket and the planet."   Financial institutions are as keen as any other business to highlight their green credentials, and a key way to

Look to the future with a new fixed-rate mortgage

Article: New lenders are offering lengthy loans at very low rates, but you could also save thousands by switching your existing deal Mortgage holders can expand their long-term horizons by fixing their home loans for up to 30 years at the market upstarts Avant

Is a fixed rate mortgage a good idea?

80% of new mortgages were drawn down on fixed rates last year. Fixed rates are lower than variable rates which is one of the reasons they are so popular right  now but also mortgage holders value the security of knowing what their repayments will be

Avant Money Launches One Mortgage

Avant Money introduces innovative ‘One Mortgage’ with interest rates fixed for up to 30 years A market first from Avant Money, offering customers fixed repayments for the full term of their mortgage. Complete peace of mind, protecting customers from any future market interest rate increases.

doddl mortgages featured nationwide

The Q1 Irish Independent doddl mortgages switching index featured nationwide highlighting how you could SAVE over €12,000 for only 6 hrs of your time!⁠ ⁠ 🤓Read below & find out how: ⏰It takes between 6-8 weeks to complete a mortgage switching transaction ⏰The actual applicants' time input is on average six

The Q1 Irish Independent Mortgage Switching Index

Renewed competition in mortgage market sparks surge in homeowners switching providers. The Q1 Irish Independent Mortgage Switching Index is out today. Read the article here: The Index highlights the savings that can be made by switching mortgage. The average saving is now €4,090