Applying for the First Home Scheme (Shared Equity)?

First Home Scheme or Shared Equity Scheme is now live. How to apply for an Eligibility certificate for the First Home Scheme-

  1. Get mortgage approval in place with participating lenders (currently Haven/AIB, PTSB, BOI) – let help you with this process ->Lets Begin
  2. Go to the First Home Scheme (FHS) portal and apply for the scheme – this requires you to complete an application form, upload mortgage approval and your identity documents
  3. If approved by FHS an ‘Eligibility Certificate’ will issue which you can download through the FHS customer portal
  4. This Eligibility Certificate should be provided to the mortgage lender who will review to finalise approval, confirm deposit source etc
  5. Your mortgage lender will then issue you with a mortgage loan offer which you must upload to the customer portal
  6. FHS will carry out a final assessment checking mortgage loan offer, property address, checking amounts on loan offer and eligibility cert agree
  7. When checks are complete a contract will be issued by the FHS to you as customer and also to your solicitor
  8. Funds will then be issued to your solicitor at time of property purchase. Your solicitor will finalise the FHS contract in parallel with the mortgage process

For full information and to apply please see First Home (