Doddl Mortgages Live on Today FM
9 May, 2020

Doddl Mortgages Live on Today FM

Martina Hennessy MD of doddl mortgages was on Today FM with Dermot & Dave discussing all things mortgage-related specifically how Covid-19 Payments may impact on Mortgage Applications and Mortgage Drawdown.


1. Will the Covid-19 wage subsidy scheme affect my mortgage application?

2. When will the Covid-19 wage subsidy scheme finish?

3. Do you think the new house build prices will fall?

4. I have stopped saving due to Covid-19. Will that impact my mortgage application?

5. I can go for a mortgage on my own with my partner’s savings as a deposit. do I still need to show 6 months of savings myself?

6. Does the carer’s benefit/carer’s leave impact your credit rating?

7. Are mortgage lenders more interested in potential savings or past credit issues?

8. What are the hidden loopholes when switching my mortgage?

9. Can I get a mortgage if I have had cancer?



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